May 20'08.

About the Author

The author studied and did research in several countries and in the USA in universities from the South, the North, the West coast, the East coast and the Midwest. In his research he has pursued from food borne diseases, i.e. infant formula related outbreaks, to rabies, to models to study HIV-AIDS. The latter he has renamed as HAIDS to differentiate from AIDS in the other species. He studied the globalization of the macro-epidemic and pioneered the micro-epidemiological development of animal models to study wasting syndrome, a characteristic symptom of HAIDS and a complication of cancer. Results led to clinical trials for the use of somatotropin/growth hormone and/or megestrol as palliative treatments for HAIDS and cancer. T. Manning© is a published poet (Supplant/Supplantation©2000) and historic novelist (Bolivar y Francisquita©2004).